What You Need to Know About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has a lot of different causes and manifestations. It can be sudden or gradual. It can occur in one ear or both ears. It can be temporary or permanent. There can be underlying medical issues or more common age related changes. At ENT Audiology Center and ENT Specialists of Abilene we are able to diagnose, treat, and manage the majority of hearing loss issues.  The majority of hearing loss can be classified as Sensorineural or Conductive.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Hearing loss that is due to problems of the inner ear, also known as nerve-related hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss can be a function of the normal aging process, noise exposure or as a result of medical conditions. This permanent type of hearing loss accounts for majority of patients who use hearing aids.

Conductive Hearing Loss

Hearing loss that is due to a functional abnormality that does not allow normal sound transmission to the inner ear. Common causes of conductive hearing loss include: Cerumen (Ear Wax) blockage, fluid (possible ear infection) in the middle ear space, perforation of the ear drum or abnormality/defect with the bones of the middle ear.