Musician Hearing Protection

ENT Audiology Center offers a wide variety of hearing protection and custom accessories for musicians. Whether you are a professional musician, member of a church worship team, or just want the most out of your music, we have a solution for you.

Custom Earplugs for Musicians and Concert-Goers:

Musicians earplugs attenuate across all frequencies rather than just low- and mid-range frequencies, making music more clear and natural sounding. Available with three different attenuating filters: ER-9 (9 dB cut), ER-15 (15 dB cut) and ER-25 (25 dB cut). Custom musician ear plugs come in a variety of colors and sizes depending on the needs of the individual.

Tunz In-Ear Monitors for the Musician:

hearing protection for musiciansMusic has never been more personal, thanks to Tunz Custom Stage Monitors . Their natural, balanced sound and pure, rich tones give you total control of your stage mix. Custom fit for your ears, they block out unwanted noise and eliminate the need for traditional stage wedge monitors. Tunz custom monitors are available in several options and driver configurations to meet the needs of every musician.