Abilene Audiology Services

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Our primary concern is to provide a complete evaluation that looks into every aspect of the hearing system and how it processes sound. Testing Pure-Tones, Speech discrimination, and difficult listening environments allows for results to be obtained in terms of the amount of hearing loss present, the effect of the hearing loss on the patient’s communication, as well as looking for possible medical conditions that may need further evaluation.



Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids have the ability to do more than ever to help patients with a wide range of communicative issues including: Single sided deafness, Tinnitus (ringing of the ears), and High frequency hearing loss. Hearing aids also have the ability to be paired with other devices to help individuals get the most from their listening environments.

Assistive devices

There are many devices that can help improve listening outcomes in difficult environments. These devices include TV listening options, amplified/caption home phones, mobile phone solutions, and many others.

Custom Hearing Protection

ENT Audiology Center offers a wide variety of hearing protection options including: filtered attenuation for musicians, industrial hearing protection for the workplace, and recreational hearing protection for hunters or shooters. Hearing protection can either “one size fits most” or custom manufactured for each patient.